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Within the arts Moses creates paintings in a street-art/ pop-art style. Most of the paintings are commissioned from different clients with different needs. When an artwork is commissioned from Moses the client is involved from the beginning and can contribute with ideas, colors and the concept of the artwork. The same goes for sculptures that are commissioned. The client is involved in the process from the beginning and can decide together with the artist what would work and not. The artist presents the ideas and together with the client they make the decisions.


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Fashion is the area Moses has the most experience. He developed his own fashion brand at the age of 21 and kept working with it for 8 years before he realized he was an artist. He then started developing his other skills such as creating art and videos. Moses has received several fashion awards for his work within fashion and today he offers his knowledge to brands in need of design and strategic consulting. His brand MO’CYCLE is currently on hold and when the time is ready the production will start again.



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Moses is currently working on his first feature film, he is the director of a drama production named “The Stockholm Leak”. The process of creating the movie is updated on the blog and you can follow him and his team from writing the script to filming on-set.
When he is not working on his own film projects Moses creates Internet videos for companies and artists. Fast and easy to consume videos that goes viral on social pages when users recommend them. Content marketing that basically gives the viewers a value they are interested in and can recommend, share and enjoy.