Moses Shahrivar xyborn2Moses Shahrivar – Creator within Art, Video and Fashion


Winner of 150 000 Euro from EU’s Smart X Europe funding call 2020 for the Airbag jeans, Europe (By Smart X)
Official spokesman for “Sweden’s Film, Art & Design Universities” 2012- 2014, Stockholm, Sweden (By Svensk Form)
“Fashion designer of the year 2008″ – Milano, Italy (By Statuesque)
“Swedish retails top 100 most talented people 2008″ – Stockholm, Sweden (By Market Magazine)
Nominated “Rookie of the year 2008″ – Stockholm, Sweden (By the Swedish fashion council)
“Company of the year 2006″ – Jonkoping, Sweden (By SciencePark)
Nominated “Best marketing of the year 2006″ – Jonkoping, Sweden (By Jonkopings Galan)


Motorcycle jeans/ Fashion biography

Moses started his fashion career at the age of 21 after developing the world’s first motorcycle jeans in a collaboration with Harley-Davidson, Sweden that launched the product. Moses began riding motorcycle and wanted better gear to wear, this lead him to develop the motorcycle jeans that started his career in 2005.

MO’CYCLE was first introduced in 2006 at the motorcycle fair “På två hjul” in Gothenburg, Sweden and later that year the brand was launched at the fashion fair CPH Vision in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2006. The brand soon caught the attention of the media and was sold to over 40 retailers all over the world. Moses developed complete collections with jackets, shirts and jeans and participated in fashion fairs in Tokyo to Stockholm. He received several fashion and entrepreneurship awards for his work and kept working with the brand for years to come.

In 2019 Moses invented the world’s first airbag jeans (patent pending) and remade the concept of the brand into a Airbag collection. The fashion part of the brand is still in place but only for Mocycle club members (to become a member order a Bomber jackets with patches and instructions will follow).
The airbag jeans is currently being developed by the Airbag Consortium A.D.A.M which has received 150 000 Euro in EU funding from the Smart X funding program. The consortium consist of four companies within the fields of clothing design, software, hardware and clothing production. More info can be found at


Fashion design (jackets & jeans) by Moses Shahrivar


Art biography


Art (paintings & sculpture) by Moses Shahrivar

From 2012 to 2014 Moses represented the Swedish Art-, Design- and Film- Universities as spokesperson in mission from Svensk Form (The Swedish Society of Crafts & Design). During the 2-year mission Moses held design workshops and lectures for over 40 schools and inspired the students to apply for university.
Moses founded the art gallery Sthlm Art (2014-2018) and showcased his art, during four years. He created art and videos on commission for costumers in his ateljé, studio and gallery.


Film biography

In 2011 Moses created a Youtube channel were he uploaded some of his videos. Very soon the Youtube channel got over 1 million hits and his videos spread on the Internet. Just a couple of months after he made a video production for MTV world stage in Gothenburg, Sweden (2012). Since then he has made several productions for both big and small companies, music artists and events.